Wednesday, January 13, 2010

December 18, 2009
Dear Watertown Town Council:

We, the following residents of Watertown, wish to express our sincere thanks to the Council for its continued staunch efforts to support the Watertown Family Network.

The Watertown Family Network is a truly remarkable place that has been vital in enriching and developing the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical skills of the children of Watertown through its varied and diverse activities - activities that prepare children for early childhood care and beyond. The Network not only nourishes the minds, hearts and bodies of Watertown’s youngest residents, but it also continues to build, develop and strengthen a dynamic, inter-generational community of those involved in the everyday work of rearing the future members of our society.

We would be remiss if we did not highlight the fact that the Watertown Family Network is the type of program that pays for itself in the long-term. Study after study illustrates that investing in early education saves states and towns money. By investing now, communities are less likely to pay for more expensive services in the future. The reality is that children are better prepared for school through programs such as the Family Network.

During hard economic times such as these, we hope that the town will continue to work with the schools to maintain those programs that truly embody the spirit of Watertown’s guiding principals, and, without a doubt, the Watertown Family Network is a unique program that sews the fabrics of our community together and creates the building blocks for a successful town. The Network fulfills countless needs of young families dependent on the support from and connection to their community. The Watertown Family Network introduces young families to the multiple advantages of living in Watertown with its fine parks, recreational facilities, extensive library and strong school system. Families who become aware of all that Watertown offers become more involved in town affairs and the public school system, support local businesses, and often want to settle permanently in Watertown. Watertown is good for these families and in turn these families become good, caring and active citizens of Watertown.

We once again applaud your efforts in support of the Watertown Family Network, and hope that through your continued collaborative workings the Watertown Family Network will continue to be a strong and viable part of Watertown.